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Turnkey Solutions

From market assessment to data collection, we work with you in all stages of the project. We bring your business to space in a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way.


Innovative Launch System

Our airborne launch platform is based on a proven concept that minimizes system complexity and costs. Be the first to take your business to orbit.


Flexible Launch Configuration

Our launch system allows for multiple launch configurations, thus minimizing the time needed to plan a multi-customer operation.


Quality and experience

Our team has extensive experience in successful nanosat projects that are already in orbit. Let us deliver your business to space with total confidence.

Our Team

Gloria Garcia-CuadradoPresident & CEO+
Theoretical Physicist and Master in Space Business by the International Space University (ISU), she is the founder and driving force behind
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Daniel Ventura GonzálezCTO & COO+
Telecommunications Engineer, pilot, and entrepreneur, he is the one responsible for the Sagittarius Launch System. His knowledge of the airb
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Francesc VenturaCFO
Telecommunications Engineer and International Trade expert, Francesc Ventura holds the position of Chief Financial Officer. His experience i
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Robert LainéSenior Adviser+
Robert Lainé is one of the key pieces to understand the evolution of Europe's space industry during the last four decades. He has been in ch
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Joan de Dalmau-MommertzSenior Adviser
Former President of the International Space University (ISU), he studied Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration and Interdisciplina
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Adriano CampsSenior Adviser - Nanosats+
Telecommunications Engineering PhD., he is one of the most renowned cubesat design experts in Europe. He brings his knowledge and experience
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Ángel MateoSenior Adviser - Launcher
Aerospace Engineering PhD., he holds the chair for missiles and airborne weaponry at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He brings his kno
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Our Services

  • Design

    From initial market assessment to the final requirements for your first nanosat, we offer consulting services for any company interested in bringing their business to space.

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    Our Sagitarius Launch System offers just-in-time solutions to deliver your nanosat to orbit, offering reliability, flexibility, and very competitive launch prices.

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    Once in orbit, we help you download the data from your nanosat, from helping you build your receiving station to managing the data collection completely.

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  • News


    USPACE Technology Group Limited and Celestia Aerospace have signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement to jointly promote aerospac
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    Hong Kong, 25 July 2023 During the grand opening ceremony of the new Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group (HKATG) Satellite Manufacturing Ce
    Learn more

    Celestia Aerospace new HQ, Production Plant, announced

    Celestia Aerospace has announced an agreement with the City of Sabadell Council and Consorci de la Zona Franca to establish its HQ and nanos
    Learn more

    Celestia Aerospace closes €100 million seed round with London-based Invema LTD

    Invema Group LTD, with headquarters in London and international offices in Arizona (USA), Miami (USA), Toronto (Canada), Bogotá (Colombia),
    Learn more

    Robert Lainé, former Ariane Program Director and EADS Space CTO, joins Celestia Aerospace

    Celestia Aerospace, a pioneering turnkey orbit solutions aerospace company, is proud to announce that Robert Lainé PhD, former head of the A
    Learn more

    Celestia Aerospace participates in ESA’s symposium on small launchers

    Our President & CEO, Gloria García-Cuadrado, talks about the present and future of Celestia Aerospace at the European Space Agency HQ in Par
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    Spacer interviews Celestia Aerospace VP

    Spacer, a site whose goal is to help people find jobs in the aerospace industry, recently interviewed Celestia Aerospace VP, Daniel Ventura
    Learn more

    Space Arrow featured in the Satellite Industry Association’s report

    The Satellite Industry Association issues a yearly report on the market status both in satellite construction and launcher markets. It is wi
    Learn more

    Ms. García-Cuadrado to participate in the 3rd International Conference on Satellite & Space Missions

    Gloria García-Cuadrado, Celestia Aerospace's President & CEO, has been appointed member of the Organizing Committee for the 3rd Internationa
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    More companies interested in launching with Celestia Aerospace

    Several companies have signed a Letter of Intent with Celestia Aerospace in which they state the intention of launching with Celestia Aerosp
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