USPACE Technology Group Limited and Celestia Aerospace have signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement to jointly promote aerospace activities, access to Celestia Aerospace’s proprietary Sagittarius Launch System and collaborative leveraging of customer bases among others.

USPACE Technology Group Limited (USPACE) is Hong Kong’s first commercial aerospace enterprise focusing on satellite constellation engineering and precise satellite manufacturing. USPACE owns five technology centers and manufacturing bases, including a satellite manufacturing center; a space environmental monitoring center; a satellite telemetry, tracking and control center (TT&C); a center for satellite data application; and a precise electronic manufacturing center.

USPACE is headquartered in Hong Kong, China and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is developing the world’s largest Space Eco Enterprise Hub: the Space Eco City in the UAE.

The Space Eco City, spanning 3.000.000 square meters, aims to bring together over 3.000 global partners in the space industry ecosystem, contributing societal value through innovation and technological progress in space. The initial phase of the project will cover 1 million square meters and it is expected to commence construction in mid-2024. 

The Space Eco City, will be composed of eight sections: the Space Park; the Electronics & Equipment Park; the Science & Innovation Park; the Supercomputer Park; the Instrumentation Park; the International Trade Park; the Space Product Certification & Research Park; and the World Expo Park. Among others, the Space City involves satellite manufacturing, satellite TT&C, satellite data processing and application, and a space research and education center. 

The Space Eco City with its more than 3.000 global partners will join forces to develop into the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the global market, and build a business ecological hub radiating to the world with a market scale of trillions of dollars.

Through this strategic partnership, both parties are united by a shared vision: to revolutionize access to space for companies of all sizes through innovative, reliable, and cost-effective integrated solutions. Collaboration between the parties is expected to stimulate the development and innovation of high-tech industries, enhance industrial supply chains, and create employment opportunities.