Turnkey solutions

Celestia Aerospace is born from the realization that we are entering a new era in the space industry, an era in which any company, large or small, can bring their business to orbit. Celestia Aerospace is determined to be the first, most flexible, and cost-effective way of accomplishing just that.

Our approach is simple: to guide your company from the initial stages of the project, offering a vantage point view of what orbital access can mean to your business. Then, build your customized nanosat and launch it in record time, and finally help you operate it and collect data.

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A proven concept

What sets Celestia Aerospace’s approach apart from the competition is that our technology is based on proven concepts. The airborne orbital delivery system was successfully tested by the United States Air Force during their ASAT program, and both the launch platform and the rocket are based on models that have repeatedly proven their quality and reliability.

This allows us to minimize the development time and costs associated with both the platform and the launcher, granting us the potential to be first in space for our market segment.

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Passion for space

But the true driving force of the company is the passion for space that all members share, a passion built in years of experience both in the professional and volunteering sides of the industry. At Celestia Aerospace, we take great pride in our compromise with outreach and serving as inspiration for future generations.

Our members are not only business-oriented people, but also great communicators and mentors in several non-profit endeavors related to aerospace sciences and technologies. Aiming higher and helping others do the same is not just our company philosophy, but our life objective as well.

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