Hong Kong, 25 July 2023

During the grand opening ceremony of the new Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group (HKATG) Satellite Manufacturing Center, Miss Gloria Garcia-Cuadrado, CEO & President of Celestia Aerospace, and Mr. Sun Fengquan, Chairman of ASPACE Satellite Technology Limited, signed a strategic collaboration agreement as the foundation of numerous synergies between the two companies.

Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group Limited (HKATG) is Hong Kong’s first commercial aerospace enterprise focusing on satellite network engineering and precise satellite manufacturing. Formerly known as Hentech Technologies Ltd (2003), HKATG acts as a pioneer in commercial aerospace industry and technological innovation in Hong Kong.

HKATG owns five technical centres and manufacturing bases, including satellite manufacturing centre, space environmental monitoring centre, satellite telemetry, tracking and control centre (TT&C), centre for satellite data and applications and precise electronic manufacturing centre.

The signature took place during the Grand Opening Ceremony for the “Hong Kong Satellite Manufacturing Centre” and “Hong Kong Satellite Operation Control and Application Centre” on 25 July 2023 at the headquarters of the Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group Limited (HKATG) where the Centres are located. Around 100 guests from the United Nations, international organisations, space agencies from different countries, well-known space enterprises, and academia participated in this milestone, invitation-only event.

Together, the two Hong Kong Centers cover a total area of 19.000 square metres, with an annual output of 200 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, including remote sensing, radar and communication capabilities. In addition to the highly automated production line, the Centers enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and capabilities in Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT), Tracking, Telemetry, and Command (TT&C), as well as big data analysis. It is one of the largest commercial satellite production lines in the world. Furthermore, ASPACE plans to build another, larger satellite manufacturing centre in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates, covering an area of more than 90.000 square metres.

The main points of the collaboration agreement include:

  • Priority Launch opportunities aboard Celestia Aerospace proprietary Sagittarius Launch System for HKATG satellite constellations
  • Celestia Aerospace will provide consultancy and development services for Earth Observation missions and sensors
  • Bilateral talent exchange between HKATG and Celestia Aerospace for professional and career development
  • Customer base leverage for HKATG

HKATG joins the group of satellite manufacturers that have chosen to trust their access to orbit needs to Celestia Aerospace, validating the Sagittarius Launch System as a flexible and cost-effective alternative to other traditional launch services, while also acknowledging the company’s expertise in Earth Observation applications.

Celestia Aerospace is committed to a 360º turnkey service, which covers all phases of the life cycle of nanosatellites, from their design and manufacture, to their launch and operation, thus offering a unique comprehensive service in the aerospace industry.

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